Game :SpongeBob the Krab Matic 3000. great games to play!
How to play : Mr Krabs has done it again. He loves the money so much. He bought a machine for a hamburger store that he owns. Therefore, he would get more orders. It is Spongebob who will save the day again. Use arrow keys to move, spacebar to fire or shoot. If you press the spacebar and up arrow key at the same time, you will make a flying kick. In the game after a while, the plankton is going to steal hamburgers you prepared with his 3000 machines. Use flying kicks to stop it. Buttons on the machine must be green always, otherwise it will not work. SpongeBob the Krab Matic 3000 game.

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SpongeBob the Krab Matic 3000 game played 15,451 times and voted 91 times. Ratings: %85 likes, %15 dislikes.
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