Game :Squid Game 3D. great games to play!
How to play : Squid Game 3D is one of exciting game that adapted from popular Squid Game serie. Although it is a very new game yet, you can play this trending game right now on! The first game of the new series Squid Game, which is spoken all over the world, is here. Red Light Green Light! There are also those who do not watch this series that everyone has heard in a very short time in the world. Red light and green light song are sung in the game. There is a giant baby in the game and she sings with his back turned while singing. Meanwhile, you must move towards the finish line. When the baby finishes the song and turns around, you should definitely not move. Otherwise, motion sensors around can detect you. If it detects your movement, you get shot and it's game over. Pay attention to your time in the upper left, because the shorter the time, the faster the baby will begin to sing. Play this exciting Squid Game 3D that all Squid Game fans are looking for!

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