Game :Squid Game io. great games to play!
How to play : Squid Game io is a new online battle game that you can play via! We are here with a great io game adapted from the Squid Game serie. Moreover, this game is online! You will try to be the biggest fish in a logic war game where the big fish eats the small fish. You will start with 1 point on the map and try to grow your character by collecting the baits. When you hit players smaller than you, you can eat them and get bigger. But remember, you too can be eaten by the bigger ones! If you want to speed up in the game, you can speed up by leaving your own baits behind and risking reducing your score. You can accelerate and move by holding down the left mouse click. Come on, take your place in this exciting battle and get your name on the instantly updated highscore list! Play Squid Game io now.

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