Game :Squid Game: Shooting Survival. great games to play!
How to play : Squid Game: Shooting Survival is a new fighting game adapted from Squid Game. This game, which all players are looking for, is with you on as quickly as possible! In the game, you will be one of the people in the red dress in the Squid Game series and you will destroy the players who want to attack you. There are engines, cars and various types of weapons in the game where you can use different vehicles in each section. In some levels, you may need to kill players using only one of these vehicles. The first chapters in this game, which consists of 100 chapters, are not very challenging. But the increasing number of players as you progress is very difficult to deal with! You can do somersaults with the Ctrl key, train with the c key. Come on, be the first to play this Squid Game: Shooting Survival game that all players are waiting for!

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