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How to play : Surviving Doomsday is a new 3D battle game that you will face with doomsday! As always, another great game you can play on, the address of top quality 3D war games! In the game, you will open your eyes in a scary doomsday scenario. You will try to survive against the robots around. If you don't attack them they will attack you and destroy you! So make the first move and start destroying these robots. You can see your bullet count in the top right. Prepare yourself for the next battle by increasing the number of bullets by collecting bullets in random places on the map! Don't forget to check your health bar in the top left when you exit the battle. You can renew your life with the first aid kits you find on the map. Clear the entire map and survive the apocalypse. Let's start the Surviving Doomsday game now and decide your destiny!

We know that your favorite games on our site are 3D. So we invite you to 3D Unity Games category. Have the largest population and destroy your opponents! The team with the largest crowd at the end of each round will win the game. Made entirely for oline game lovers, let's try it now: play Crowdy City.
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