Game :Thunder Cats Roar Lion-O's Quest. great games to play!
How to play : Thunder Cats Roar Lion-O's Quest is one of immersive and high quality adventure game playable via We have been waiting to share this game with you for a long time. We waited for the right time and now is the time! In the game, we will go on a mysterious adventure with Lion-o. We will take on the Slimes and defeat them. You can play the game, which consists of 18 exciting levels, with the arrow keys. You can also attack the slimes with the z key. The items that we need to collect in the game are placed in very secret places. We advise you to carefully search the entire map. With the coins falling from boxes and slimes, you can buy stronger attack styles for Lion-o and apply them with key combinations. We wish you success in Thunder Cats Roar Lion-O's Quest, where we are sure that every player who plays once will not leave the game without finishing the game.

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