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How to play : Children are watching fondly Tickety Toc on Nickelodeon. Tickety Toc is the instructive for children and many parents directing their children to play this game of this cartoon besides the watch this cartoon. They love to play with Tickety Toc's characters. You will see Tommy and Tallulah which is the lovely character of Tickety Toc in this game. Oh my god! Tommy and Tallulah looking for their gift and they urgently needs your help to find their gift! Tommy should collect blue boxes with use arrow keys and Tallulah should collect pink boxes with use W A D keys. Your objective is reach the doors which is help to find Tommy and Tallulah's gifts. Those two doors will jump them to the other level and they will come closer to their surprise gift ;). But that is not easy to reach those doors. Be careful the birds! They want to kill Tommy and Tallulah so that you should be careful! Play with your friend Tickety Toc Where is My Gift? game and have fun!

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