Game :Tom and Jerry River Junk Cleanup. great games to play!
How to play : Tom and Jerry River Junk Cleanup is one of funny and educational game for kids. We are very happy that you are playing this wonderful game on, which teaches recycling and cleaning of water resources. We will clean the river with Tom and Jerry in the game. While cleaning the river, you will try not to disturb the fish and collect all the garbage. If you catch a fish, it will escape from the recycling bin. So just try to collect the garbage. We also have 3 power-ups in the game. The first is fish food. By pouring the fish food on any side of the river, you can easily get the fish to go there and collect the garbage easily. The second booster battery makes the collector work faster. In the 3rd power-up, if you catch heavy materials such as stones and wood that do not score, you can cut the rope and get rid of it. Pay attention to the time in the game and spend the materials you collect carefully. Let's make the river clean with Tom and Jerry! Who doesn't love Tom and Jerry? So try this fun and educational Tom and Jerry River Junk Cleanup game now!

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