Game :Transformers Battle Circuit. great games to play!
How to play : Transformers Battle Circuit is waiting for you as one of our great games that you can play with In this game, you will witness the fierce struggles of the Autobot and Decepticons on the planet Cybertron. You have to keep this attack, which negatively affects people's lives, as short as possible and be victorious from this war. You can choose the Transformer you want. All of them are strong and frightening, but they all have different characteristics and have both advantages and disadvantages. As a Transformers player for a long time, you know better which ones are what. You can choose from Menasor, Grimlock, Jetfire and Bumblebee. The struggle will be a complete ambition struggle, so you need to act strategically. There are 6 levels in the game and each level is full of adrenaline. Let's see if you can collect the points you want as a result of this adrenaline? You will love to play free online Transformers Battle Circuit game for kids.

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