Game :Transformers Devastator's Demise. great games to play!
How to play : Transformers Devastator's Demise is a very strange game that you can play on In this game, you will have to take control of Devastator, which destroys everything and crushes it. Devastator, one of the most feared and powerful monsters in the universe, destroys everything and destroys everything with their fatal blows. You cannot fight alone with this powerful hybrid robot consisting of nine different constructions. That's why you have to persuade all Primus inhabitants to fight him. Because it might be the end of the Transformes. Take over the autobots and fight this powerful beast. You will play a single level in the game. And you will have 3 chances. You must make good use of these chances and eliminate your enemy. Let's see if you will be the only ruler of this powerful universe or will you leave this chance to Devastator? We will see it all together. You will love to play free online Transformers Devastator's Demise game for kids.

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