Game :Transformers Energon Rally. great games to play!
How to play : Transformers Energon Rally is one of our most interesting games that you can play on Imagine that Transformers have turned into a car in the game and you are racing with these robots? Is this interesting and exciting right? We think so. Here you have 3 options in this great game. You have 3 options: Bumblebee, Lockdown and Drift, and you can start the game by clicking any you like. You will be both Transformer and car in the game. Use the right and left keys from the arrow keys. You should use these keys only when necessary. Because the bottom button turns your hero into a car, and the up key again turns your hero into a transformer. You can decide for yourself which of the dangers around you. The speed of your hero will increase as the levels increase. That's why you need to use your hero on the spot and on time, both as a car and as a Transformer. You will love to play free online Transformers Energon Rally game for kids.

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