Game :Transformers Faction Face-Off. great games to play!
How to play : Transformers Faction Face-Off is one of our best games you can play with Bumblebee and her friends need you very much in this game. Because they almost fight head-to-head with rival warriors, and the game has no winners. You will need to protect Bumblebee with an unusual strategy. Currently Bumblebee and his friends are in the world, but they don't want to stay here any longer. They want to go to their planet, but this is not allowed either. Because very powerful warriors do not give them this permission. Right here, your help can change everything. Because the extraordinary carrying power in you will ensure that all of them are carried. That's why they and we trust you. First choose an avatar. You need to know that the characters of all Transformers are different. You can join the war immediately by choosing whatever you want from Sideswipe, Crazybolt, Fracture, Steeljaw, Optimus, Drift, Bumblebee and Thunderhoof. You will love to play free online Transformers Faction Face-Off game for kids.

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