Game :Umi Games Mighty Bike Race. great games to play!
How to play : On your marks. Get set. GO! The Umis need your kids help avoiding speed bumps, cones, and biking robots to finish first and earn the coveted trophy! The Umis love sports, and they are ready to team up to take on some speedy biking robots but they need your gamer is help! Kids can steer the team to victory by pressing the up and down arrows to avoid speed bumps, cones, and their opponents; and by holding down the right arrow key to make the Umi bike pedal faster. Go over ramps to see the Umis do special stunts and collect flags to receive a medal at the end of the race. In this three-part game, each of the Umis will take turns riding the Umi bike, making pit stops along the way where mini math missions will take place. Kids will count, complete patterns, and use their shape-recognition skills to help the team win the race! Umi Games Mighty Bike Race game.

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Umi Games Mighty Bike Race game played 59,139 times and voted 348 times. Ratings: %88 likes, %12 dislikes.
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