Game :Wolf Simulator 3D. great games to play!
How to play : Wolf Simulator 3D is one of well-designed simulator game for nature and wolf life. As, where you can play the best and quality games, we have brought you another high quality game. In the game you will live exactly the life of a wolf. You will hunt, start a family, raise your family, and gain extra features by completing quests. You can earn gold by doing missions. You can use these gold to improve the characteristics of your wolf family. If you want, you can eat the animals you hunt and fill your life, if you want, you can feed them to one of the other members of your family and use them to raise their level. You can make a baby wolf every 3 levels. You can also customize your own wolf's appearance as you wish. Great graphics, epic gameplay and a beautifully designed world. Come on, what are you waiting for! Good luck in the Wolf Simulator 3D game, which will be enjoyed by all users who care about nature, simulation games and gameplay!

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