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Game : Transformers Protect Crown City
How to play : Transformers Protect Crown City is one of the games where Transformers land in the city that you can play on In this game, you will witness what the Autobots descending on the city are doing. There are Decepticons on all sides and they are large enough to really bother you. They say they came to pick up their falling plane near Crown City, but that's not their main purpose. Because they are angry enough to plunder the entire planet. And they are hurrying to get this nerve out of you. First, choose the Autobot you want. Then determine the difficulty level. You will have 4 different robot choices. These all have different features and so they have their advantages and disadvantages. Your task is to collect all the Decepticons in the air. But as the difficulty level increases, catching them will be both difficult and time consuming. Because you will see a lot of Decepticons. You will collect points for as much Decepticon as you collect. You will love to play free online Transformers Protect Crown City game for kids.

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Transformers Protect Crown City game played 968 times and voted 4 times. Ratings: %100 likes, %0 dislikes.
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