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Game : Friday Night Funkin vs Omni-Man
How to play : Friday Night Funkin vs Omni-Man is one of different style game among FNF games. There are many FNF games out, but we progress according to the story and as, we choose the best games for you. The Friday Night Funkin craze continues and it's probably going to be the best html5 game of the year if it goes like this. In this mode, you will see the dialogues, stories and battles between omni-man and FNF. If you have difficulty playing other games, this game is much easier than other FNF games. As in the other games of the series, you should focus on the arrow keys and be careful. Here is a game full of good music and fun! Let's play! Don't miss the super funny Friday Night Funkin vs Omni-Man game mod for kids!

We can hear those who say that I liked this game very much, but it was a little easy. Then check here for other mods: Friday Night Funkin Games category. Do you want to live like a wolf? We have a very good game recommendation with great game world and well designed gameplay: play Wolf Simulator 3D.
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