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How to play : 4096 is one of our excellent games that you can play via, which may seem silly at first, but later when you understand its logic, you will understand how perfect it is. The rule in this game is to integrate the numbers right, left, down and up and get them as a factor of each other. So when you put 2 and 2 side by side, you get 4. For 2 of 4, you will get 8. Continue this way to get the number 4096. In fact, it will be much more fun to play this with your friends. Because in each game you play with your friends, who will come to 4096 for the first time will give you great clues on this subject. As we said at the beginning of the game, it may not be a very fun look, but as you understand its logic, you will understand how great a game it is. However, the game can be included in a great educational program for students as well. You will love to play free online 4096 game for kids.

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