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How to play : Even though Ben 10 ignores Rooks helps, he is the main charachter in the game Ben 10 Omniverse Battle For Power. This game is one of the most addicting games of Ben 10 Omniverse Games and you need to protect generators. You should destroy robots coming out of elevators and killing energy. You can upgrade your weapons and Rook with the help of menu under upgrade section and get stronger. In this menu, there are several power options for Ben 10 Omniverse. By using power skills, you can be better in attack, defence, speed, jump and health in a high level. Click START button to play the game. Do not get confused with keyboard shortcuts. Use Z to shoot, spacebar to jump, X to charge your generator in case of damaging or not having enough energy. Moreover, use C to call for help of Ben 10 and V for making change with upgrade options.

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Benten Battle for Power  Ben 10 Omniverse Battle for Power  Benten Omniverse Battle for Power 

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