Game :Return of the Platypus. great games to play!

How to play : Agent P is in a top secret mission again and we will help him in that very secret mission. In this game Return of the Platypus, we should prevent Doctor Platypus from achieving his nefarious plans and fight against him. If you played the game Agent P Strikes Back, you yo would know the rules of Return of the Platypus as well. You should move your hero with arrow keys, make the magnetic clock work with Spacebar, shoot, collect golden coins, find agents taken captive and rescue them, fight against the doctor in every game. Rescued agents will help you unlock all locked doors. I hope you will like this game as much as the previous one.

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This game 22,883 played.
Disney Game Return of the Platypus  Agent P Return of the Platypus  Perry Return of the Platypus 

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